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Representation of What?

Filed under: Uncategorized — dana318 at 1:38 am on Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In the reading by Robert Stam and Lousie Spence- “Colonialism, Racism, and Representation” it is unclear to me what is trying to be said. The toughest time I have had with readings thus far. I spent time going over all that was said or meant to be said and the only thing that seems to stick out to me is the passage about the three women transporting the bomb into French Quarters in the film ” Battle Of Algiers”. It speaks of how they were bringing a bomb into an eatery and how we see the correlation between shots of the algerian women vs the women sitting in the cafe in France. It is said that we somehow are made to relate to the courage the Algerian women have to do such a thing. I find this rather odd. Although I do like to see a good film on perspective of races in different times of the past and present, I find it hard to relate to any race that is committing such an act. I like to be taught things about other cultures through history, not persuaded into following them. So if itĀ  is so that the director did certain techniques on purpose to obtain a familiarality with it’s audience, it is one film I do not want to view.

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