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Race in Film

Filed under: Uncategorized — dana318 at 3:05 pm on Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I know I am a little late with posting for last week but after reading the excerpt from “Black Skin, White Masks” By Frantz Fanon, I felt the need to comment. Normally with reading an excerpt such as this one I would read and try to connect with the author since it is something that I am not familiar with. However, after taking the a class that dealt with African Americans in film, I automatically understood what the author was saying. Although it is impossible for me to truly understand given that I am caucasian, I remembered what it was like viewing films such as “Sweet Sweetback” and “Daughters of the Dust”. Both films are on different sides of the spectrum but they both give you an inside view into their worlds. With this excerpt, I was immediatelty brought back to last semester. With something such as film, it is enjoyable to be taken out of the normal genres and themes we commonly look for and focus more on race and culture which this article is of a good example.

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