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Filed under: Uncategorized — dana318 at 11:51 am on Wednesday, May 5, 2010

After reading the article “Elegy for Film”, I at first didnt quite understand what was being said within the passage. But as I kept reading it became quite clear that it that D.N Rodowick (author) was upset with the direction cinema was heading towards. He discussed how the classic film no longer existed and that even when remastered, it still was not the same. I do agree that film has diminished in terms of value but it is also something that happens in passing of the times. As technology advances we see movies as we used to know change entirely. Although this does upset me, I cant help but to enjoy the advancements that have been made. With films such as Avatar and Clash of the Titans, we see techniques that seem almost unreal. Comparing Clash of the Titans 2010 to the 1981 version is a good way to show the difference almost 30 years makes. The visuals in present day “video” not only enhance the film but they bring the audience into a visionary world that would never be able to be accomplished with old school “film”. I do however feel these new techniques take away from the connection between the actor and audience, considering they are now focused on this visually enhanced world. It has always been said that a trip to the cinema is to take people away from their everyday problems and escape into the world of a film. The argument now is which is preferred, the visual world or the theatrical.


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